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Super Mario Bros. 1 - 1-01 Main Theme & Overworld
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Here we go!

[Real update tomorrow.]


Big brother says ah only need ah LIL more practice before ah can join~

[I would have liked to draw something as usual but the only thing I’ve seen of that episode is a gif of Fluttershy shakin’ da booty and Mac sweating while looking at her. (I bet out of context is more funny) ]

[Also, super late reblog.]

Let’s-a go!

[Dark Souls 2 best way to waste spare time :D (I’m on my NG++ run btw) I love when she says that in the game and the dragons in that area still attack you. (but to be fair you kinda go through their nests and she’s talking about a big ass dragon at the end of the next section) ]

[And one more for the viewtiful art set! :D ]

[And one more for the viewtiful art set! :D ]

Why a lil’ filly would like an older stallion? That’s just silly.


Woo, no thanks to mah big brother, don’t gotta buy him nother drink!

AJ just asked me to use mah “Ah don’t like ya” face… no idea who ‘s that fella.

[Mod: I sketch this before watching the episode… and it didn’t change after that actually. xD ]

[ ~And Happy Year of the Hoers!~ ]

[ ~And Happy Year of the Hoers!~ ]

It was… heavier than it looked.

[Mod excuse! (it ain’t a good one btw)]


Mod here with some news :) 

-Tablet is working properly (finally)

-More spare time so imma gunna update 1 or (maybe) 2 times per week

-Inbox is an asshole and don’t let me see all my asks :/ Gonna do something about that later.

-New avatar :D

See y’all in next update! (art update yay~)